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Inbound Marketing has got it right!

August 17, 2009 Leave a comment

I stumbled across a company today that truly set me back on my heels– Inbound Marketing. This site offers, what they call, the Inbound Marketing University or IMU. This online place of learning is 100% free and offers courses designed to produce savvy online marketers. Courses include: SEO, Community Building, Business Uses for Facebook and LinkedIn, and Twitter for Business to name a few. These courses are delivered in a Powerpoint/Podcast format. At the time of ‘taping’ students were able to post questions to their lecturing professors, which were then answered during the Q and A at the conclusion of the class.

“Why are they offering this”, I asked myself time and time again. I then see the book. Inbound Marketing: Get found using Google, Social Media, and Blogs.This entire university is designed to create interest in their book. They’re building the community first. By offering these amazing value-added services, Inbound Marketing is building customer and brand loyalty. They will soon convert this online community into dedicated customers/readers. I applaud their efforts. This is what Web 2.0 is all about. Give before asking. Provide for the community and they will provide for you. Genius.

I’m half-way through the training and each class has been packed with useful information. There are a few ‘basic’ courses (there are just as many advanced classes too), but each was packed with great information and great content for both the newcomers and pros.

This company has given so much in term of social media, marketing, PR, and community building. Come October 19th, when this book becomes available, I’ll be right there in line along with other IMU students. Well done guys, well done.

Brian P. Brown


Having the ‘Right Stuff’ For Your Marketing Plan

As some of you know, I am an avid surfer. Since my first day on a board, I have dealt with constant struggles to get to the point I’m at now. It has been a journey which has taught me much about: myself, life, and business.

The other day, after catching a nice 6 footer, I paddled out to do it again and starting thinking of how far I’d come. I looked down at my newly purchased board and that’s when I realized the true importance of having the proper gear.

When I started surfing, I had bought a short board (6’0″) to save a little money. Apparently, these boards are reserved for advanced and pro surfers –I couldn’t even get enough speed to grab a wave. After weeks of failed attempts and too many wipe outs to count, I understood the importance of having the right equipment to meet your needs. Now I ride a nice fat 7’6″ NSP Board and I’m actually becoming a decent surfer. The sad fact is, I ended up spending twice as much as in the long run by trying to save up front. Considering the cost of returning the short board, my time lost, and purchasing a larger board, I could be the owner of a top of the line board. Oh well, live and you learn.

This had me thinking about using the proper tools in your marketing campaigns. With the economy in transition, everyone is looking to save a little cash, but often at the expense of performance. When cutting corners, as I did by purchasing the short board, you are setting your marketing plan up for failure.

Think of the return on investment and the long term effects of making the large initial investment. Measure each and every detail from start to finish. Trust me, it’s much more costly to cut corners up front, then go back and do it again with the proper tools.

When it come to your marketing plan, or surfing for that matter, do it right the first time.