http://www.apple.com/iphone/ –an obivious choice for all things iPhone. Check the Staff Picks for great apps. I tend to agree with these picks 95% of the time. Also, watch the ‘App Store’ commercials to discover the hottest apps released.

Some of My Favorite Apps

WordPress App — amazing tool. Allows you to compose, edit, and publish directly from your iPhone. Save content as a local draft for quick changes. Once finished, publish that bad boy. One of the best tools to manage your blog on the go. (FREE)

WeatherChannel App — a must for anyone who travels or simply wants to know the forecast…duh. This app has all the ‘typical’ weather functions but so much more. Watch your local forecast straight from your iPhone, follow an approaching storm via the realtime radar, and save all of your popular locations for quick access. (FREE)

Evernote App –collect 4 types of notes: text, snap a photo, use a saved photo, or voice notes. All notes are then saved @ your Evernote account. One of the killer features of this app/service is the ability to recognize text within a photograph. So next time someone hands you a business card or you what to remember a recipe, just snap a quick pic and save. Later you can search by the content found within the picture. (FREE)

Things –I can’t live without this app! If you are a follower or even a quasi-follower of GTD then this is a must have. Sort your content just as the Getting Things Done model prescribes: Inbox, Today, Someday/Maybe, Projects, etc. This app even logs your past accomplishments for easy reference.

Quick example of Things awesomeness: I created a task to call the State Patrol (speeding sucks!) and included the phone number within the notes. From the Things interface I was able to see my note and call directly from the number I included. This is seamless integration at it’s finest.

Tweetie. This is my go to Twitter client. At $2.99 it’s a little more expensive than other Twitter offerings, but the simplicity is what’s key here. Single column view organizes all the tweeps you follow. Also includes– search, trends, picture upload, URL shortening, and the ability to follow links directly within the app.

I have many more favorites, these are only a few. New apps are pouring our of the App Store by the hundreds and it’s hard to keep up. The following blogs should keep you up to date with the latest developments.


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