Brian Brown
Brian Brown
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My name is Brian Brown (brianpbrown) and my goal with this blog is to re-introduce the principles of marketing, public relations, and Social Media. While these subjects are hardly rocket science, SO MANY are going about these areas the wrong way. What many aren’t understanding is marketing, PR, social media isn’t about YOU, it’s about THEM.

What do your customers, contacts, business partners, and employees need? How can you make their job/life just a little better? I’m not asking you the change the world, just change your world. What can you do today that will have a lasting impact on the people around you?

Open the flood gates of two-way conversation. Listen, learn, interact. That’s what it’s all about. No one cares how many Twitter followers you have. What IS cared about is the quality of the interaction, the quality of the communication, and your approachability.

If you take only one concept away from this blog, let it be this:
“[Marketing, PR and Social Media]…focuses on the relationships, which will always be around, not the technologies, which are always changing.”

-Josh Bernoff

Feel free to email me at brian.paul.brown@gmail.com with any questions and follow me on Twitter @brianpbrown.

Thanks for the read.

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