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Surfing to Learn Logical Thinking Process

The Ocean Is Mean

The Ocean Is Mean

I was caught. Caught by waves and current. Pushing and pulling me down the shore. Further from safety and my home. With each stroke, my board and I were pushed back twice as hard. The leash tangled around my feet, binding them. I thought I was a strong swimmer. Not strong enough.

Surfing presents it’s challenges. Taking a fiberglass board and harnessing the power of the ocean is not as easy as I expected. Silly me.

As I walked up the beach with dripping head hung low, I tried to put a positive spin on the whole encounter. What I came up with was FAILURE.

Dealing with Failure

The idea isn’t that I failed, we all fail. It’s how we deal with that failure that sets us apart. Some walk away with tail tucked between legs, never to return. Other allow anger to fuel them on and attack the challenge with greater conviction –often only to fail in a more grandiose fashion. This is my problem. Which, I must say, I’m working on but could still use some improvement.

Finally, there are those enviable individuals who step back and analyze the situation. They are not angry. They are not frustrated. They are looking at the problem logically. Digging deeper to find the solution. Flaws are identified. Mistakes are taken into account. This information is processed and a possible solution is reached. Maybe the solution works, maybe it doesn’t. Regardless, the same process of thinking will be repeated until a proper solution is reached.

The Logical Approach

It is this logical method of problem solving which should be applied to all aspects of life. Whether it’s surfing, writing proper code, developing a marketing strategy, it doesn’t matter. Think more logically.

This approach seems obvious when considering a business problem, but why is it most of us do not apply this method to daily life? Someone cuts you off in traffic. You get angry. You drive home pissed. Why? Logically, what did that other driver do to you? Nothing.

This is an aspect of my life which I am actively working on. Do I have an uncontrollable temper –no. But I can use to apply logical thing in greater aspects and areas of my life.

Below are some articles that have been helpful in garnering this method of thought. Read them and be self correcting. When you find yourself slipping, pause, take note, and approach the problem from a more logical reference. Logical thinking is a process that can be learned. It simply takes practice.

I’m taking this very approach to surfing. By next week, I’ll have picture of me smiling atop a beautiful wave.

Stoicism 101: A Practical Guide

Logical Thinking: A Learned Mental Process

For those interested, this is why I’ve always wanted to surf.

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