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Morning Routine To Optimize Your Productivity

Morning routines make you more productive. Having a simple and effective routine allows you to start your day with control and purpose. Once the work day starts, you’re going to be pulled in 7 different directions at once –it’s nice to be able to control some part of your day. If you want to increase your productivity, creativity, and overall well being, develop and stick to a morning routine.

Check out Zen Habits for benefits of a morning routine or ritual.

My Morning/Mid-Morning Routine for Productivity

-Wake up early. Get in the habit by waking 15 minutes earlier each week. Start off slowly and build from your small success. Beginner’s Tip: Avoid the snooze button at all costs! This dreaded button will keep you in bed longer and the extra sleep you get isn’t worth it.

-Make coffee: typically some type of Starbucks, but Peet’s is also pretty tasty and as well as Costco’s freshly roasted coffee. Having something you look forward to, whether it’s coffee or some tasty cereal, will motivate you to get out of the bedroom.

-Read fiction on the couch or porch (just to get away from bed) with first cup of coffee. This is such a nice way to ease into the day. My porch overlooks the ocean and it’s my favorite part of the day.

-Read non-fiction to get motivated for the day. I typically read something marketing or PR related, but will review sections of Getting Things Done or 4HWW if I have found myself slipping in terms of time allocation.

-Light workout of maybe 20 minutes. I have found yoga to be an energizing way to start the day. It allows for stretching and gets the blood flowing to your entire body. Nice way to awake up the limbs.

-Light breakfast and off to work. Since I work from home, this isn’t much of a commute.

-Once I have started work, it’s nothing but tea and water the rest of the day. Too much coffee dehydrates the body and I’m one of those people whose is always drinking something might as well be tea. Check out Teavana.com

Throughout the day if I am having difficulty generating ideas, I do something physical. Maybe sets of push-ups totaling 100 or so on the Perfect Push-up. This allows me to become lost in the present and clear my head. Occasionally, I will eat at my desk and run during my lunch break.

Finally, instead of smoke breaks, I take productivity breaks. Mid-afternoon is always a drag. To get a boost and finish the day strong, I’ll return to non-fiction for 10 minutes or so, typically Tim Ferriss, then return with renewed vigor. Podcasts also help me to get through the mid-afternoon drag. Listening to these people put their heart and soul into their work gives me a nice kick in the ass.

What routines do you follow to get going and keep yourself going strong throughout the day?

Which books do you rely on for inspiration and motivation?


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