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5 Ways to Connect With People in A New City

Tools to Connect With People

A new city is both exciting and scary.

A new city is both exciting and scary.

Everyone has had the experience of being new. Either in school or, now, in your adult life. Moving to a new area can be difficult. Meeting decent people after a move can seem just as impossible. But we have tools at our disposal that allow use to tackle this daunting task. Social Media has simplified the process.

Top 5 Ways to Meet New People

1. Search For Groups On Facebook
One of the simpler approaches available. Simply find local groups and ask to join. Meeting through Facebook takes some of the fear out of meeting new people. Easy and effective.

Also, be sure to include updates about your move on Facebook and add some pictures. You never know when someone might stumble on your info and hit you up for drinks.

2. #Search Your new City on Twitter
Any mention of your area will return in the search. Check Tweeters who mentioned your city and follow if interested. Watch out for tourist who will be gone in a week.

Tweetdeck has a pretty solid search function. When you find these people, follow them and strike up a convo.

3. Attend a Local Event
Check the paper or internet for upcoming events –5k runs, bar crawls, music festivals, etc. Research the event.Actually, do some initial research, but not too much. Instead go to the event and ask questions. You’d be surprised how helpful people want to be and it gives you an opener.

Check out active.com for local events like triathlons, surf groups, fun runs, etc.

4. Ask Other’s Opinion
About to get a new pet or having a debate with your friend? Don’t Google it from your laptop, seek out the answer by asking strangers.

You’d be surprised how these questions open people up.

5. Get Out of Your House
Have any hobbies? Get out and do them! Enjoy running? Go run! Simply getting out and enjoying your new town is THE way to meet people. It won’t happen immediately. Just give it time.

Go for a morning run.
Ride a bike.
Walk whenever possible.

Once you’re out of the house–speck to people! Start saying hello to everyone. Saying hello alone won’t necessarily help you meet new people, but it will get you speaking to people and establish and outgoing mindset.

There are hundreds of simple techniques to meet people. You don’t have to hit the bars every night, use Social Media and the tools available.

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