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Twitter: Do you Tweet?

I have found an interesting trend. Apparently, people in their 20’s are not digging Twitter. I am the only on of my friends to have and account and tweet regularly. What gives?

Facebook Loyalty

I believe it all results from an initial love of Facebook. Facebook was, for many twenty somethings, their introduction to social media. It was their first love and they are remaining loyal. While ‘the Book’ was their introduction, they have failed to branch out and intergrate additional services. Most feel Facebook is ALL that’s needed to maintain a social presence on-line. This loyalty to one platform is in direct conflict with the very idea of social media.

What am I doing now?

I have made many attempts to get my crew on Twitter with no avail. The common response is, “Why do I need Twitter? How gives a shit what I’m doing now?” Um wait, isn’t that the whole idea behind Status Updates? Why is it my friends will update their status with any amount of minutiae but see Twitter as a waste? Is the 20-28 yr old demographic destine to social media medocrity forever? Maybe we’ll learn or maybe I’m just ahead of the curve. : )

Follow Me on Twitter

Digg v. Twitter

One final note, I’m seeing a wave of tweets calling Twitter the new Digg. Apparently, more and more are coming to Twitter to get their news. Although, I don’t see Digg being replaced anytime soon, this is an interesting development in the world of Twitter.

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