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Use Emails As Your Own Copy

From: Pioneer Pandg
From: Pioneer Pandg

Staying connected and maintaining your influence while workng remotely can be difficult. You no longer have the all important ‘face time’. You’re out of the loop. How do you maintain the forward momentum of your career while working from home?

Solution: craft every email just as you would a piece of copy (advertisment). What’s the focus of your ad? You. You’re ‘secretly’ advertising your value to the company. Take time to choose not just the right words, but the best words. Each sentence should be analyzed for it’s effectiveness and each word measured. It’s an art really. Just ask any copywriter.

Use The Subject As You Would a Headline.

Just as in copywriting, your headline/subject line is paramount. The subject line’s goal? Get your email opened. Check out The CopyBlogger for tips to creating effective headlines. I visit this resource before I send any major email. I then measure my response rate based on the subject line. Subject lines with high response rates are saved for future use. No need to reinvent the wheel, right?

As with any decent piece of copy, it’s all about the content. You gotta bring the thunder. Help others, provide tips, whatever, just bring the content. Put youself out there. Any attempt to provide useful content and advice will be appreciated, even if unsuccedful. But keep at it.

Honestly, it only takes one SOLID email to put yourself on the map. I make the analogy to being a blogger. As you generate more and more helpful and entertaining advice, others will seek you out. And what have you just accomplished? You’re back in the loop.

Homework: Take some time to learn the art of copywriting. Whether you are in advertising/marketing or not, it’s a powerful skill. Check  out the CopyBlogger, Brian Clark, mentioned above and the following copywriting resources which I use regularly:

Resources To Successful CopyWriting


www.copywriting.com  –download the free ebook: ‘Aim For The Heart’. Recommend 3 frees to receive the cheat sheet.

http://www.warriorforum.com/copywriting-forum/ –The Warrior Fourm. The place to go to talk internet marketing. They have a great copywriting section with experts willing to help you. You can see what works and why it works.

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